6th- 9th November 2019

Selection Box

Four Shows, All Performed in English

The Alma Tavern & Theatre , Bristol

Wednesday 6th November – Act 1: The Telephone | Act 2: The Impresario, 7:30pm

Thursday 7th November - Act 1: Mozart & Salieri | Act 2: The Happy Prince, 7:30pm

Friday 8th November - Act 1: Mozart & Salieri | Act 2: The Impresario, 7:30pm

Saturday 9th November - Act 1: The TelephoneAct 2: The Happy Prince, 7:30pm

£15 (£5 student and children tickets)



Four OperasFour Nights; the 2019 Selection Box is now open! Selection Box offers a unique insight into all that is moving, mysterious and magnificent about opera; the combination of story-telling, stagecraft and music make opera the art form that comes closest to expressing pure emotion. Two time award winning Opera in a Box have assembled a 20 strong cast of the finest creative and vocal talents in the southwest for our production! Selection Box is an oper atic experience for everyone; experience opera for the first time, or expand your                          horizons with these rarely performed operas in this innovativeaccessible and

              intimate setting. 

                                The Telephone - Words and Music - Gian Carlo Menotti

                                The key to a successful relationship is good communication, right? The                                            Telephone by Menotti is an hilarious comedy which explores how difficult it                                    can be to communicate with the one that you love, even in a world where                                      you are only a telephone call away. Could the telephone itself be the                                                problem?

The Impresario – Mozart, Libretto - Stephanie the Younger, English - Cardelli  

It’s 1935, the height of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and all of the world’s greatest actresses and  actors are heading to sunny California to try their luck on the silver screen. Struggling to balance the petty politics of Hollywood along with the actresses’ outsized         egos and craving for the spotlight, the director must attempt to cast his film without too               much drama,      otherwise the whole project will be over before it has begun! Who will receive top              billing? It’s anyone’s guess!

Mozart & Salieri - Rimsky-Korsakov, Adapted – Chekov, Translation - David Meadows       Psychological drama, or crime thriller? Rimsky Korsakov’s Mozart & Salieri remains one of opera’s greatest murder mysteries, where as witnesses to Salieri’s tortured introspections      we watch his plan to poison Mozart slowly unfold… Join us in this intimate setting as    witnesses to a drama that delicately unveils the true nature of ‘genius’ and ‘villainy’.

The Happy Prince - Williamson

Based on the 1888 Oscar Wilde story, the Happy Prince is a statue that watches over              the city that the Prince once governed. Saddened by the suffering that he sees in the            city, the Prince enlists the help of a passing Swallow… How will their devotion to the            people of the city, and to each other, be rewarded?

Ollie Parry, Jenna Brown
Hannah Coleman, Harry Benfield
Hannah Coleman, Harry Benfield
Harry Benfield
Katie Blackwell
Katie Blackwell, Jenna Brown
Sarah Nash, Ollie Parry
Zoe Bartlett, Tim Coleman, Megan Strachan
Katie Blackwell
Tim Coleman, Megan Strachan
Timothy Coleman
Ellie Bunce & String Quartet
Tim Coleman, Ollie Parry
Thomas Wood, Charlie Morris
Charlie Morris
Thomas Wood, Charlie Morris
Thomas Wood, Charlie Morris


"I would recommend this production to anyone who was even remotely considering watching an opera thanks to company’s accessible, but nevertheless professional execution."

- Selection Box

Alma Tavern

Thomas Wood, Charlie Morris

Mozart, Salieri | Mozart & Salieri