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autumn production - october 2018

“If I should die, think only this of me; that there's some corner of a foreign field that is forever England..." (Rupert Brook)


A FOREIGN FIELD - Eric Wetherell

Performed in English

Libretto by Elizabeth Major

The Redgrave Theatre, Bristol

Wednesday 10th October, 7:30pm

Thursday 11th October, 7:30pm

Friday 12th October, 7:30pm

Saturday 13th October, 7:30pm

£15 (£5 student and children tickets)

Redgrave Theatre Box Office: 0117 315 7800


      "A Foreign Field is a true story of three British soldiers caught behind enemy lines in France during World War 1, and their impact on a family who offer to help them survive. The opera paints a picture of the poignant and tragic way in which war takes its toll of people, changing them in their fight for personal survival and altering their way of life. In that way it speaks for all wars, past and present."


Director:  John Telfer

Producers: Hannah Coleman, Karen Stuart

Musical Director: Ben England
Rehearsal Pianists: Ellie Bunce, Sam Baker

Lighting and Venue: Redgrave Theatre

Hélène Dessenne: Geraldine Roche

Claire Dessenne: Hannah Coleman

Eugénie Dessenne: Marjory Huckle

Marie Coulette:  Alex Denman

Robert Digby: Charlie Morris

Charlotte Lelong: Marianne Walker

David Martin: Peter Stuart

Thomas O'Sullivan: Thomas Wood

Major Evers: John Telfer

Bringing together local professional musicians, actors and designers, Opera in a Box and Hillcrest Music are proud to present the revival of Wetherell’s A Foreign Field as part of the centenary celebrations to commemorate the end of the First World War.

NODA Award.jpg


Winner of the award for 'Best Operatic Production'- A Foreign Field


“A simple and touching tale of self-sacrificing courage and love in war”
(The Times)

Praise for the Book

Pre Show Q & A Banner.jpg

#KidsReactToOpera #OIABinSchools

We loved our #ForeignFieldOpera workshops at Clevedon School in October 2018.  Here's what a few of the kids had to say after their first experiences of live opera with Opera in a Box!

A series of workshops delivered by Karen Stuart, Olly Barr and Ben England were delivered, immersing students in some of the main dramatic and musical elements of the opera art form. Pupils did everything from dressing up as some of the main characters from A Foreign Field and acting through certain scenes, to devising and writing their very own opera scenes! An amazing experience for all students involved. 

Thomas Wood
Marjorie Walker, Hannah Coleman
John Telfer
John Telfer, Major Evers
John Telfer, Adrian Cooper
Peter Stuart
Charlie Morris, Hannah Coleman
Foreign Field Group Shot
Marianne Murray
Marjorie Walker
Charlie Morris, Alex Denman
Alex Denman
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