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winter 18

"One has always had a childhood, whatever one becomes." (Dumas)

Director: Harry Benfield

Musical Director: Sam Baker
Producers: Hannah Coleman,

Charlie Morris, Karen Stuart
Lighting and Venue: Bristol BierKeller,

The Pithay, BS1 2NA

Violetta Valéry: Hannah Coleman
Alfredo Germont: Thomas Wood
Giorgio Germont: Charlie Morris
Flora Bervoix: Emily Huish
Barone Douphol: Harry Benfield
Dottore Grenvil: Patrick Osborne
Louisa: Marianne Murray
Josephine: Kimberley Jones
Ella: Olivia Barr
 Duke: Ben Gutsell

LA TRAVIATA – Guiseppe Verdi

Performed in English

Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, Translation by Thomas Martin, Edited by Ruth Martin

Performed at the Alma Tavern & Theatre (11th, 15th)

The Mackay; 1532 performing arts centre (18th)

Sunday 11th & 18th February 2018, 6pm 

Thursday 15th February 2018, 7:30pm

(duration approximately 2h 20m)

       "Violetta Valéry is the shining star of Parisian nightlife. Surrounded by clutching patrons and

lusting fans, her life is a never ending party. When disease touches Violetta, and a naïve

young admirer makes her question her own happiness, Violetta must stare deep into the

shadows cast by all those bright lights... She knows that God will forgive her for enjoying her

youth - but will Man?"


Forced to change our venue with three days until opening night...?! 


"I've genuinely loved every Opera in a Box production I've seen. For years, for some reason or other, I'd only seen weird avant-garde operas and no proper classics. So getting to catch up on the greats of the opera repertoire in small venues performed by excellent musicians in imaginative and creative productions has been a really lovely thing."

- La Traviata, 1532 performing arts centre

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