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23, 25, 27, 29 feb, 1 mar 2020
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Don Giovanni - Mozart

Performed in English

Libretto by Lorenzo da Ponte

English Translation by Graham Billing


Engaging and endearing or rapacious and calculating? Don Giovanni has a price on his head. His lustful path of heartbreak and estrangement continues as he faces his greatest challenge of seducing Donna Anna, daughter of the Commendatore, fleeing Donna Elvira, a previous conquest seeking retribution. All within the space of a day. Mozart’s Machiavellian feast, Don Giovanni draws a line under a society that celebrates an ethic-free central character with no moral compass.

📆18th June (Rockhampton), 25th June (Ilminster), 29th June (Keynsham), 2nd July (Usk), 6-7th July (Wells), 9th July (Lytchett Matravers)

Director: Shane Morgan

OIAB Liasons: Hannah Long, Marianne Vivash

Musical Director: Sam Baker

 Lighting Design: Toby Foster

Design Associate: Polly Bailey

Poster Design: Hugo Lloyd-Winder

Programme Design: Marianne Vivash

Social Media: Charlie Morris

Don Giovanni: Dominic Bowe

Don Ottavio: Robert Felstead

Leporello: Ollie Parry

Il Commendatore: Robert Marson

Masetto: David Bicarregui

Donna Anna: Rebecca de Coverly Veale

Donna Elvira: Marianne Vivash

Zerlina: Kimberley Jones


"Your Don Giovanni was truly superb, brilliantly acted, staged and sung. Extremely interesting to hear Mozart in this context - somehow the stripping down of the musical elements made how brilliant his writing is clearer…"

- Don Giovanni, Keynsham

Dominic Bowe & Cast, Keynsham
Ollie Parry, Dominic Bowe, Rockhampton
David Bicarragui, Dominic Bowe, Kimberley Jones, Keynsham
Marianne Vivash, Dominic Bowe, Keynsham
Dominic Bowe, Don Giovanni, Rockhampton
Marianne Vivash, Rebecca de Coverley Veale, Robert Felstead, Keynsham
Marianne Vivash, Keynsham
Don G, Leporello, Keynsham
Don G Tent Ilminster
Ollie Parry, Robert Marson, Keynsham
Ollie Parry, Robert Marson, Rockhampton
Don't Mock the Commendatore..
Sam Baker, Dominic Bowe, Keynsham
Masetto & Don G, Keynsham
Don G Cast, Keynsham
Robert Felstead, Keynsham
Ollie Parry, Marianne Vivash, Keynsham
David Bicarragui, Keynsham
Cast Usk Castle
Ollie Parry, Leporello
Dominic Bowe, Robert Marson, Keynsham
Dominic Bowe, Keynsham
Ollie Parry, Leporello, Rockhampton
Robert Felstead, Keynsham
Don G Cast Ilminster
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