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Macbeth, Opera in a Box

"A promenade production in the tunnels under Temple Meads..." 

23, 25, 27, 29 feb, 1 mar 2020

Macbeth - Verdi

Performed in English

Libretto by Antonio Ghislanzoni & Francesco Maria Piave (based on Shakespeare)

The Loco Klub, Bristol

Sunday 23rd February 2020, 6:00pm

Tuesday 25th February 2020, 7:30pm

Thursday 27th February 2020, 7:30pm

Saturday 29th February 2020, 7:30pm

Sunday 1st March 2020, 6:00pm 


      The relentless ambition and greed of the power-hungry couple is nurtured and guided by the supernatural to its ultimate end. Experience Macbeth as you’ve never seen or heard it before; the dark tragedy conceived by Shakespeare and set to the powerful music of Verdi, performed by Opera in a Box in the chilling and atmospheric tunnels under Bristol Temple Meads Station.

    Come face to face with the witches, witness Macbeth’s ascension to the throne, and partake in Lady Macbeth’s banquet to celebrate their successes. But beware what ghosts of the past lurk near.


Director: Marianne Vivash

Producers: Hannah Coleman, Charlie Morris

Musical Director: Sam Baker

Assistant Music Director: Ellie Bunce

 Lighting Design: Phil Vivash

Stage Manager: Toby Foster

Set Construction & Props: John Kennedy & John Walker

Costumes: Marianne Vivash

Poster Design: Hugo Lloyd-Winder

Programme Design: Marianne Vivash

Marketing: Hannah Coleman

Social Media: Charlie Morris

Macbeth Alexander Learmont

Lady Macbeth: Hannah Coleman

Macduff: John Haque

Malcolm: Thomas Wood

Banquo: Charlie Morris

Lady in Waiting: Jenna Brown

Doctor: Ollie Parry

Thane of Osgiliath: Oliver Chubb

Apparition I: Emily Khatib

Appariton II: Kimberley Jones

Apparation III: Anna Vienna Ho

Witches: Zoë Faullhurst, Eleanor Little,

Phoebe Rose, Ella Venn

This production will be performed in a promenade setting, and will require the audience to move through the tunnels and stand for a period of 15mins. Some seating available on request. A drink and canapé is included in the price as we welcome you to the banquet!

Macbeth & Banquo.png


"Deeply immersive experience. The sinister location perfectly captured the claustrophobia and slowly shrinking world as Macbeth and his wife descend from power into ignominy and death. Being among the actors creates a feeling of the story unfolding around you... Opera unlike any other experience, totally unique and captivating".

- Macbeth

The Loco Klub

Sam Baker.jpg

Baker's Broth of Haunting Musical Hits

Read into our Musical Director's  favourite moments from the opera in this blog post...

Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood, John Haque
Phoebe Rose
The Cast
Hannah Coleman
Hannah Coleman
The Final Battle
Charlie Morris
Hannah Coleman, Jenna Brown, Ollie Parry
Olly Chubb
Alex Learmonth
Alex Learmonth
Charlie Morris
Emily Khatib
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